Frequent Questions & Answers

Q. Who is Alpha Properties, and how long have you been in business?

Alpha is a full-service real estate brokerage firm established 1993 by top-producing agents with a unique vision to form a company that fosters a supportive team-oriented environment, encourages its agents to grow their business, and provides all the tools and resources necessary to excel in their field.

Q. Where is your office located and what does it offer?

We are located in at a prime address on 10 East 23rd Street between Braodway & Madison Ave. Our luxurious state-of-the-art office affords agents a comfortable upscale working environment as well as every possible advanced technological tool to help them optimize productivity and efficiency. We even have a fully-equipped kitchen with a coffee maker to make you feel at home while conducting business.

Q. Is there any time commitment required when joining Alpha?

Absolutely not. You are free to transfer between the Alpha Pro 1 & Alpha Pro 2 payment structure at any time without any time commitment.

Q. How many agents does Alpha have?

Alpha currently has over successful 45 agents and is growing at a rapid pace. Agents love having the close-knit environment of a boutique brokerage firm with all the perks that a large brokerage house would offer.

Q. Why is Alpha different from any other company?

Alpha offers every agent who joins us our full support in all areas of growing their business and closing sales. From our comprehensive listings database and wealth of marketing/ advertising vehicles to our seamless relationships with attorneys, mortgage brokers and other key industry personnel, we ensure that our agents ALWAYS SEE PROGRESS.

Q. Does Alpha pay for Real Estate School for new agents?

Yes. Alpha will reimburse any new agent once they have completed their fifth deal with the firm.

Q. Is there on-site training provided?

Absolutely. Alpha offers each of our agents a unique one-on-one training system conducted by our experienced veteran agents and the company's director of operations. Also part of the training are special webinars, TV lectures, in-house coaching and many other tools that have been proven to help agents grow their business. YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY.

Q. Will I get my own desk and phone?

Yes, each agent gets his or her own desk, computer and phone at no additional charge.

Q. How will I be compensated?

Alpha Properties offers two different types of commission structures that are simple to calculate and designed to optimize agent earnings by tens of thousands of dollars vs. packages offered by other brokerage firms.

Q. Is there any catch to your payment system?

Absolutely not! Alpha Pro 1 and Alpha Pro 2 afford you the BEST POSSIBLE COMMISSION SPLIT with no hidden costs! We are completely upfront about our payment policies. Of course, each agent will get a manual and sign an agreement indicating the specific payment structure he/she chooses.

Q. Can I switch between Alpha Pro 1 and Alpha Pro 2?

Yes you can! At any given time, you have the ability to switch between the two.

Q. Will I really make more money with Alpha?

Definitely! As you'll see from the examples we've provided, you will nearly double your income working with Alpha by taking advantage of our generous commissions! See for yourself how you will prosper at our company by clicking here (link to the How it Works page).

Q. How quickly will I get paid?

Immediately. Once a deal is 100% completed, you can request a payment.

Q. What kind of advertising do you do?

Alpha uses every possible advertising channel to market our apartments and ensure the widest exposure. These outlets include The New York Times, Rent Hop, Naked Apartments, Rental Homes Plus, and many others.

Q. Do Alpha agents do sales as well as rentals?

Yes! Every agent who has been in real estate for over a year joins our Sales University, which takes place twice a year. We teach agents a step-by-step method of how to complete at least four sales transactions annually!

Q. Do most agents work in your office from home?

While there are opportunities to work from home, most of our agents prefer to work in our luxurious Madison Avenue office as they enjoy the support of their colleagues, and it contributes to an interactive, energetic atmosphere of real estate! You will definitely feel the positive energy as soon as you step into our office!

Q. What relationships do you have within the industry?

Alpha has a great reputation within the Manhattan real estate industry. We enjoy strong relationships within the brokerage community as well as with all major landlords in New York city, ensuring our agents the best possible connections.

Q. How can I get started?

Contact Sunny Zachi today at 212.674.1645 or email him at [email protected]. You'll be glad you did!

We tried to cover most of the relevant questions. If there is anything else you wish to know feel free to contact [email protected]. Confidentiality is guaranteed.