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To give CLIENTS complete satisfaction that they have the most comfortable and convenient home suited to their needs, whilst giving landlords peace of mind that they have a good tenant which went through our qualification process. 


Founded in 1992, Alpha Properties NYC has successfully established itself as a reputable Manhattan brokerage firm. After many years of solid work, the knowledge gained from these thousands of deals has turned our qualified experience in to a professional superiority.

Alpha Properties specializes in Manhattan apartment rentals and sales. Alpha's knowledge, experience and connections enabled us to facilitate real estate INVESTMENTS to many of our happy clients. You may find detailed information on how to have access to our investments database at 

Alpha Properties NYC covers all downtown and uptown neighborhoods, as well as providing a large selection of rentals in Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side, Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, Union Square, Nolita, Soho and Upper East Side.

Our belief system that tenants and landlords each have their own separate needs has seen our services tailored towards individual attention and practices. We are proud of our dedication to the tenants and landlords we serve, and thus we consider a deal to be successful only when both parties are satisfied.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible customer service whilst finding you the apartment or commercial space that's right for you. To that end, we offer this website as an initial tool for your convenience and trust that you will contact us to assist you in your search.

Remember! We have contact with countless people - whether you need to rent, or have a place that needs to be rented, we are here to help with both - it's your business, and it's ours too.