Our Clients

Our Clients

We know that New York City is a great place to live, attracting people from all over the world, and subsequently, from all walks of life. Every village in Manhattan has its own draw card, attracting particular people to certain areas. So, we know that one spot will suit a student perfectly, whilst others are more geared towards people who like to dine in fine restaurants. As such, we like to listen to our tenants, we want to know what you like to do; bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, museums or easy access to parks.

We know that we all have needs that can be better met by living somewhere that suits our lifestyle. So, when you give us a call, you'll see the difference when we ask you ''where do you go'', ''what do you do''; it's the little things that tell us so much about you, and it's the kind of information that jogs our memory when we have a perfect match to a property that we know you will call 'home'.

Years of repeat clientele have shown us that our manner of dealing with clients IS beneficial. We're here to find you the ideal spot - because we know that when you find it, you'll be happy, the landlord will be happy, and that's when our job is done.

Some testimonials from our happy clients are listed underneath so that you can see that it's not just us saying that we do our job, it's our valued customers as well ?

"Dear Ilan,
... I saw the listing for a Alpha Properties NYC apartment on Craig's List for a great, reasonably priced apartment in a good neighborhood. Working with Ilan Amran, I was able to quickly and easily go through the paperwork. I moved in immediately. The apartment is perfect for me -- sunny and cozy in a great location. The people at The Broadway Group were helpful and accommodating, making the process simple. I've been enjoying my new apartment for the past seven months.

"...As a new immigrant to New York City, every time my husband and I needed to find an apartment was a nightmare. Many Real Estate Agents, who have all the time in the world, walk with you to see tons of ugly apartments, then you compromise on an apartment just because all the rest were terrible!
My friend Maya told me about Ilan,"he is amazing, just tell him what you need and he will take care of it" I was very skeptical about it and thought, "oh yeah, more bull****, but I need an apartment".
I saw ONE apartment and it matched PERFECTLY to my needs as I described! I spent 10 minutes in the office with Ilan to give him information, and I got the apartment! Today, this apartment is home for me in New York and as for Ilan? I will call him every time I need, or every time my friend needs, an apartment.

"I had a wonderful experience with Alpha Properties - the entire team was extremely friendly and helpful, and most importantly very knowledgable and experienced with New York City apartments, so I felt I was in good hands throughout my search. The team has wonderful relationships with landlords in the city, so it makes the entire process smooth and painless. I would recommend anyone to speak with Alpha Properties if they're looking for a new home! Thanks,

"Over the last few years, Alpha Properties has helped me find two wonderful apartments. Ilan Amran is a rare broker--courteous and straightforward, he works hard on behalf of his clients to insure not only a great apartment, but also set the groundwork for a strong working relationship between tenant and landlord. On both occasions the process ran smoothly--his office handled all the contract details efficiently and kept the proceedings hassle free and friendly.