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Union Square

West of Gramercy, Union Square is centered around the historic park of the same name, and is one of NYC’s most exciting neighborhoods because it offers so much – from fabulous food, shops and spas to popular retail chains and centrally-located offices. Union Square is also a major subway hub where several train lines converge, plus it houses the city’s very first Greenmarket, as well as the Union Square Holiday Market.

The park itself, Union Square Park, which runs from 14th Street to 17th Streets and Union Square East to West, is a great place to sit, walk and socialize. Here you can also find statues of Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, the equestrian George Washington, not to mention the famous Metronome. This national landmark was once a potter’s field, opened in 1839 and named for its address at the “union” of Broadway (then Bloomingdale Road) and a now-defunct street. It was also the site of many big events, from the first Labor Day Parade in 1882 to the first Earth Day celebration in 1970, as well as, interestingly, many labor rallies. Those who choose to live here in its Manhattan apartments have easy access to it all and lots to choose from as far as property types that include fabulous luxury high rises.