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TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal Street) did not see its first residents until the late 1700s. The mid-19th Century saw lots of commercial activity as many stores and loft buildings emerged along Broadway in the 1850s and 1860s. The establishment of the IRT (1 train) subway line in 1918 and elevated train along Greenwich Street in the 1940s saw continued development. Year later when many of the commercial spaces emptied out, artists began to flock here. Warehouse spaces turned into lofts, and luxury high rises sprouted all around adding to the creation of NYC apartments.

TriBeCa is located between Chinatown and the Financial District. Its boundaries literally form a triangle, with Canal Street and Broadway at the top over to the Hudson River/West Street, down to Vesey Street at the edge of the Financial District. Though the neighborhood is relatively small, its full of great attractions including top restaurants like NoBu, TriBeCa Grill and others, as well as designer shops. The streets have a quiet, charming feel, and its residences offer typically large living spaces. TriBeCa has been used as the backdrop of many films, and is now the home of a major film festival. The area is accessible by many major train lines including the A, C, E, N, R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 trains. Washington Market Park bordering Greenwich, Chambers and West Streets has a community garden that features various events throughout the year.