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Lower East Side

The eclectic and lively Lower East Side was recently designated a state and national historic site, and is one of NYC’s oldest neighborhoods. Its goes from Houston Street (pronounced HOW-ston) at the north, west to approximately Eldridge, south to Canal Street and east to the East River Park. Two centuries ago, Orchard Street, where you can now find great discount shopping was once a global commercial center and home to a flourishing garment industry. You’ll also find New York’s oldest surviving synagogue here. Today Romanesque and Gothic revival buildings neighbor NYC apartments for rent in tenement-style walk-ups, with some modern high rises sprinkled in.

More than diverse buildings, the area has great personality, and is a collage of old and new. You’ll find historic places of worship at one glance, international eateries at the next, not to mention trendy bistros, chic hotels and nightlife that is the best around town. Delancey Street, once farmland, is the main thoroughfare of the Lower East Side, and three parks are evidence of what was once the countryside. The Lower East Side can be accessed by the J, M, B, D and F subway, a few bus lines, and the Williamsburg Bridge.