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Long Island City

Long Island City is just 5 minutes subway ride from Midtown, it has
quickly become the suburbs inside New York City with the best view of
the famous Manhattan skyline. Long Island City is flanked by the
Midtown Tunnel to the south and Queensboro Bridge to the north. It
runs along the East River waterfront runs and extends inland to
51st/Hobart Street. Quaint shops, trendy bars and restaurants entice
passersby with a range of atmospheres from cozy to contemporary. A
major cultural center, LIC is replete with museums, artist lofts as
well as many outdoor and indoor galleries. The history of Long Island
City is part of its intrigue. In 1898, 28 years after the original
villages and hamlets consolidated themselves into one, Long Island
City officially became a part of New York City when the city expanded
its borders to include Queens. Long Island City is served by the
elevated Astoria line (N Q trains) and Flushing line (7 train) Also
served by the underground 63rd street line (F train) and Queens Blvd
Line ( E, F, M, R trains) and crosstown line ( G train).

This neighborhood also offer several high end no fee buildings that would
leave you speechless!