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Gramercy Park

Once farmland owned by the Dutch, the modern-day neighborhood of Gramercy Park is best known for containing the only private park in Manhattan – not to mention the city’s most historic and exclusive parks - where residents hold very sought-after keys. Strolling through the area, one encounters elegant residences on streets lined by lush trees, and a quiet, magical ambiance all its own. Gramercy is bordered by 14th Street, First Avenue, 23rd Street and Park Avenue South, with two-acre Gramercy Park set between 20th and 21st Streets and Gramercy Park West and East. Stuyvesant Square can be found from 15th to 17th Streets and Rutherford to Nathan D. Perlman Place.

Many famous writers, artists and actors have chosen to call Gramercy Park home. Home styles range from many renovated townhouses (actually mansions) along Gramercy Park to large NYC apartment buildings with all the modern amenities in the surrounding area. Yet tradition remains rich with many mid-19th Century sites including St. George's Church at East 16th Street, and the birthplace of Teddy Roosevelt. Irving Place still houses Pete's Tavern, the city's oldest surviving saloon.