Real Estate Property Maintenance in Manhattan

We pride ourselves on employing only the best individuals to work in our properties. Therefore Alpha Properties NYC hires and oversees the staff of our NYC real estate.

We regularly schedule meetings to supplement our integrated management philosophy. This allows us to formulate a proactive course of action through:

  • General analysis of our portfolio
  • Discussing universal building issues, new laws and market trends.

Managers visit their property on regular basis to address any concerns residents may have including rehabilitation and modernization projects. This helps maintain positive relationships with tenants and staff.

The firm is prepared to work with managers to resolve any issues that may occur. We value the input and approval of our clients and collect feedback to access any means of opportunity.

Property Occupancy

Alpha Properties NYC has specialized in apartment rentals since the beginning . We understand the importance of renting vacancies quickly, but at the same time making sure we fill it with qualified tenants. Alpha Properties NYC carefully screens all apartment applications by reviewing the credit, income, housing court records,,as well as their financial records. We reduce risk with our thorough screening process therefore it enables us to reduce risk to our owners.  By securing qualified tenants for our buildings we create a safer home for you, the owner, while increasing property value.

Legal Support

Our building managers are always available to attend court hearings when called upon by legal counsel. We can provide useful legal support to our clients and their attorney, specifically on non-payment and rules and regulations that govern property and tendency issues. We work together with several law firms and oversee all cases through the housing court system.

Financial & Account Management

Your convenience is our priority. That’s why our office is equipped to accept rent payments directly from our tenants and residents. We understand that prompt and accurate collections of rent are necessary for efficient building operations.

Alpha Properties NYC complies with all proclaimed rules and regulations set forth by city agencies to make certain that the rights of our tenants are prompt and in heightening our tenant's trust and solidifying those relationships. Our in-house lease renewal department ensures that leases are renewed on timely basis and the proper rents are charged.

Organization is key for a smooth running business and happy customers. This is why each month we prepare and present monthly financial reports that include:

  • Records of receipts and payments
  • Collections detail
  • Cash payments
  • Unpaid vendor and legal obligations
  • Actual-to-budget comparisons
  • Tenant notices

The financial report assesses the financial position of the properties. In order to make the proper recommendations to our clients we have our principals review all the statements. This helps which reduces costs.

Great Real Estate Deals We Pass On To You

One of the benefits joining Alpha Properties NYC is being able to take advantage of extremely competitive prices on a wide range of products and services such as:

  • Repairs and improvements
  • Supplies
  • Trusty elevators
  • Heating
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Fuel
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Exterminators

Our expertise in the marketing and management of commercial and residential properties has transformed nonperforming distressed real estate into performing assets. So sign up for our E-mail Alerts to stay up to date with all the latest Alpha Properties information.