Here at Alpha Properties NYC, we always like to keep our door open for those "first-timers" who have a genuine interest in real estate, but don't quite know how to get started. People who want to get in and start showing apartments, but simply don't have the experience or know-how - yet (!) - to do so.

Did you know that most of our new agents net over $6000 a month? �Yes! with the training and support we will constantly provide, you will have the ability to make money right away.

To keep it simple, we've been around for 18 years, we have enough deals constantly on the go to keep us busy, but we like to bring new people in to this business to keep it fresh. If you have the motivation to try and get ahead, and learn a lot along the way, then we know that we can easily help you get your license and become a successful broker.

We offer you a management team that is always available for support, questions and advice - basically, whatever you need to help you develop as an agent, you'll get it from our supervising team. In addition to years of experience (and the reputation to back it up), our firm offers another great bonus: the benefit of being located in the ever-popular Park Ave location. This is a convenient location that is easy to get to with lots of management companies close-by.

So, if you're looking for a company with long-term experience in the local area, a reputation that has a solid standing amongst locals, and a management team who enjoy training others, then we know our company is the best you'll come across.

To find out more details, please feel free to contact our office at any time on 212-674-7416.


Having read this far, you've already got our basic bio. As an experienced broker, we know you're busy and only need the important bits, so here it is!

If you've got your license, a drive to get the deal done, and experience - meaning you know the drill and we don't need to train you- then you're who we're looking for. On the personal side, we want someone who can manage their time and is self-sufficient enough to work alone, but who also enjoys a team environment.

In exchange, we offer you a fairer split than any other agency in town, good listings in great areas (east village = high turnover) and as already described, an agency that will give you the support that can really add to the enjoyment of your working day.

Basically, we want someone who knows what they're doing, and you'll get a company that knows what should be done.

Call Ilan Amran on 212-674-7416 for a confidential discussion.


Our company, established for the past 18 years with strong roots in Manhattan, is looking to expand with a proven Salesperson / Manager who has also developed similar contacts.

If you can tick off most of this checklist:

  • You've worked in real estate long enough to have your own established clients and contacts
  • You want to continue managing yourself (and perhaps others already working under you)
  • You want to keep doing what you're already doing, just with the benefit of someone else to take the end responsibility;

Then here is our checklist for you:

  • You'll get the security of an established firm that is offering you the chance to steam ahead with your own ideas, but with the financial and practical support that eases responsibility
  • We offer an enviable and competitive package that you will find hard to turn down and we know no other firm can offer
  • "Location, Location, Location" is an understatement for our office. Situated in the ever-popular Park Ave location, our listings are close, and so is everything else
  • An office providing full amenities (Private Desks, up-to-date technological support and all market databases, tools and systems)

If you're interested in a mutually rewarding business relationship, then we ask you to please forward your basic details to [email protected] and we will make contact from there. All information will be kept confidential.