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Tom Beron
I LOVE MY JOB!  It is incredible to wake up every day with a sense of both anticipation and excitement for what awaits me. Real estate is an exhilarating career, which never gets boring, every meeting brings with it a new encounter and I never know whom I might come across as a client. 
This job has brought me amazing connections and a great income. Working for Alpha Properties has allowed me to grow and fine-tune my abilities with their guidance and support. Therefore, facilitating my closing of 6 deals in my first month and to net more than 100K in my first year. If there's one thing I can suggest to a new agent is to choose a company, which will give you that support to make it in this tough business.
Israel Irenshtain
My career in the Real Estate Industry started a little over 5 years ago. With in those 5 years, the first 4 years were spent working in various firms and for the last year I have been with Alpha Properties. The level of support given here far-exceeds my past experiences and those of the industry’s standards; for example the dedication of the supervising manager goes far and beyond his regular duties. This dedication to the firms’ agents really makes a difference in their productivity and especially in their income.
Alpha Properties has a vision, which is built on straight-forward honesty and hard work. The company has a great vibe and positive ambiance. People here make money- and when people make money they have good energy. That energy along with the knowledge and hands-on support has a great effect on me and my productivity.  Since I’ve joined Alpha, I have not only had the best results but I am also the happiest I have been in my career.


Keren Greenstein
Today’s life is unpredictable; having the ability to set my own schedule is incredibly ideal. The freedom to work, profit and also have time to attend day-to-day obligations helps me manage my life and career to its fullest potential.
Alpha Properties has treated me like a member of a big family, which extends encouragement, resources and sales knowledge to make me a much more productive individual, giving me the advantage and ability to provide better service to our clients. They actually care!


Raanan Laufer
My experience at Alpha Properties has been very positive since day one. Working here you instantly feel the cohesiveness of the office and the family like feeling it conveys.
At Alpha you will be instructed on the art of the deal and there is always room for growth, not to mention the high amount of exclusive listing we hold that makes closing a deal an easier task. In conclusion, A few things help an agent become successful such as hard work and determination but more important is the support and at Alpha it is provided in abundance.



Finding a comfortable place to live, a place that one can call home is a complex and detailed process. With our concern for your needs, and our knowledge of the Manhattan Real Estate market, Alpha Properties NYC can make this process painless, even fun! In fact, given our wide selection of properties, we can easily do this within your chosen budget.

2012 heralds our 20th anniversary within the Real Estate business. Thus, we take this as an opportunity to have a satisfying look at a past filled with solid work, and subsequently, countless happy customers. Alpha Properties NYC has been a part of the enormous changes throughout Manhattan neighborhoods, and we are proud to say that we have learnt invaluably from this experience and have richly evolved in the process.

Company outlook aside, as the President of this firm I am proud to offer my educational background as further proof of my qualified experience and capability within this field. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I chose to enhance this degree by completing my Masters of Business Administration (with Distinction). Undoubtedly, the knowledge gained ensured a complete assuredness in marketing and finance and this, coupled with my early start in the real estate field has meant that my whole adult working life has been dedicated to the learning and growth of my company within the real estate market.

It's been a very rich career and I am still grateful that each day I get to meet great new people who truly value something so important in life: a home. After years of helping people find their right home, I can truly say that if you give me your requirements, I'll find you something to match; residential or business.

With our eyes on the future, we continually strive to improve our customer service. We want our clients to know that we stand by them in the complex and tedious times as much as the happy and simple moments. We hope that you find our website to be an effective tool in your search for a new home, or business location. Thus, we pledge to make every effort to make your search a complete success.

Sincerely Yours,
Ilan Amran , President
Alpha Properties NYC